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Quick update from a "pay to get online" thingy on the isle of Skye. (called "The Isle of Mist") We've found a great B&B, and we're staying until monday or tuesday. I'm voting for monday, but we'll see. I have a huge cushy bed all to myself! *joy!* and my gameboy, and the laptop. I think I can stay here for a few days. ^....^ And I just got to look through an old book shop. Whee! I have more books that are almost a century old! Yatta ne~!

Ok, gotta go 'cause my time is running out. Wish everyone was here, you'd love it. It's incredibly beautiful up here. Oh, and the B&B we're staying at is out in the middle of nowhere. It's crazy to look out the window and see nothing but hills and SHEEP! Oh, and a few cows. Moo. Hope everyone's having fun! Can't wait to get home and have a good day or two of gaming. My PS2's calling me.

Ja ne!


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Jun. 29th, 2003 12:37 am (UTC)
Yay, good to be alive.
That's a good thing. Unless you wanted to be one of the varieties of unlife.
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