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On the road again~~! La la la la~!

Actually, I'm home... well, kinda. I'm still in Scotland and all, but we're back to home here. Thank god! City~~~~~~! As much as I love the country, I'm a city dweller at heart. And there's easy 'net access here. ^.^;; Not that I'm dependant on the 'net or anything.

So, besides being trapped in a car for most of the day, today wasn't bad. I saw bishi. There was a bishi waiter at this *great* cafe we stopped at yesterday. ^....^ Yes, I *am* really grinning like an idiot. Nyaaaah.

I'm working on learning a program called "RPG Toolkit." It's like RPGMaker, but a bit more complicated (built in programming language) and a lot more useful. No stupid two levels of tiles is all you get. You have *eight* levels to work with, and as many tiles as you can find/make. The power~! The POWER~! BWAHAHAHAHA!

I get this feeling people think I'm crazy somedays...

Nah, probably not.

Anyway, I'm back. I have an RPG idea to go along with my sudden desire to learn the coding, so I have a project to keep me busy for the next nine days. And I need to beat BoF2. Gotta find the last two shamans and get all the special spells and stuff! Then I tackle Bubble Bobble level 72! Mwahaha. Then Zelda. (Which I'm not very good at. ^.^;;;;)

Yeah, I'll stop now. What's everyone else up to?

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