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Site Inventory

On my (fairly pathetic site) there are:

10 fanfics
5 original stories
35 poems (holy crap...)
4 "other writings" (guide type things)
2 winamp skins (>....< they SUCK!)
2 wallpapers (which may suck more than the winamp skins)
58 things on my site. Some (I would say many) of which are not very good. About 60% of the content (number wise, not word wise) is poetry.

Let's compare my site to a fridge. It's in a room full of hundreds of other fridges. My fridge has 40% food, most of which is kinda old or just bad, and the other 60% of it's contents is something like M&M's. Taste fine, sure, but it's not very filling.

Why did I just compare my site to a fridge? I'm insane. And I'm trying to point out the fact that I should get my sorry ass in gear and produce more content for my moldy site.

Grr. It may also be time to defrost and clean out the fridge... Toss the old crap and get some new crap to take it's place.


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Jul. 5th, 2003 12:34 am (UTC)
NEVER take the old crap out of the fridge. No matter how bad you think it is, there are some fridge goers in this ultimately big room of fridges called the net, err... fridge center, yeah, That like the moldy icky expired stuff. Seriously. Sour milk is a big hit for some. Besides. It's YOUR sour milk. Your the one that milked the cow of creativity and then refined and bottled it. If you just dump it, you'll forget the things you have accomplished. Sure, you should seperate it from the rest of the newer food so the stench (so says you) contaminates that of the new, but don't throw it out. LEAVE the moldy cheese! LEAVE the sour milk! Leave the pizza that has been behind the spoiled mayonaise for soo long and forgotten that it has started to develop it's own intelligence not completely unlike that of the lobster in bebop!

Jul. 5th, 2003 02:44 am (UTC)
I knew this post was going to get a comment...
Ok, I get your point (covered in my WEIRD comparison as it is). I will, however, take down anything that is starting to become intelligent and has a chance of attacking people. That's just too scary.

Seperating old work from new could be a good idea though. I saw that done on someone else's site... and yes, I like some of the "expired" stuff. It wasn't as bad as mine though. ^.^;;;
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