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Do I look like a terrorist to YOU?

Yay, it's time to get hassled by airport security. I swear, I must act like a terrorist or something, 'cause I tend to have my bags searched and stuff. Maybe it's because I carry electronics. Yeah, like I'm going to rig my cd player or my brand new SP with a bomb. No.

Well, I can't wait to be back. (Obviously, I'm not quite so... RAGE this morning) Hey Maria-chan, how long do you think your mom'll let us party before she makes us go home? ^.^ Wanna bet she would forget about us (or something) and let us continue our party all night? Here's hoping...

Ok, I have a way too heavy suitcase and backpack, blank paper and writing tools, and almost 2,000 pages of books to read. I think I'm set. Oh, and I have chocolate. I'll survive, somehow.

See everyone (kinda) soon.

(I think I use too many parenthesis....)

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