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^.^ Went to the mall with Maria-chan today and I got new manga! Whee~! FAKE, Under the Glass Moon, and CLAMP School (campus, whatever) detectives. I love 'em all. Under the Glass Moon is translated from... Korean, I think, and the art is... wow. VERY wow. Niiiiiiiice bishi, and *everyone* looks cool. Clamp School Detectives is really good, very cute, kinda disturbing because the three main characters look like half-chibi versions of the average clamp bishi. O.o It's scary. FAKE is... eheheheh. ^.......^ Me likey. It's shounen, so the guys aren't so... pretty, but they're still great looking. (Why yes, I do like guys who look MALE! GRR) Oh, and these good looking guys not only kick ass and fight crime, but kiss each other often. ^.^ Definately my kinda manga.

The other thing we got at the mall is HIMITSU HIMITSU TOP SECRET! (And not a b-day present for anyone. Oh no. Nope, no presents here. None.) ^.^;

That was my day. I need to go buy more Fake and Under the Glass Moon now. Just as soon as I have some money and get out of my manga-induced haze of bliss. ^.^ And play a few more campaigns on DW3. Kya~n!

Oh, and make a new LJ icon. ^.....^

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