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Today has been dragging by sooo slowly, it's driving me nuts. I want to play FF9 (which Greg is borrowing. >.<)again, but I should probably beat FF8 first so I can give it back to Jax-chan.

I think my dad's finally agreed to let me move my compy into my room (THANK YOU GOD!) but he says he has to help because he's worried about... the desk. The DESK! >.< Aaaaargh!

On the happy side, I found out that EB takes NES and SNES game, so I'm happy~! I have a big pile to trade in, and hopefully it'll be enough for me to get one of the 500 PS2 games on my list. >.> Sadly, I think they only give you store credit, not cash, or I'd go buy more FAKE and Under the Glass Moon.

Hey Maria-chan? When do ya want to go see PotC again? ^...^ Soon?

Gee, life is kinda dull. I think I'll just go back to Dynasty Warriors 3... ancient China beats here any day.

Also, my family was arguing (loudly!) today... I'm thinking of just running off for my b-day and not telling anyone where I went. It'd be nice not to give a damn about anything for a day. Reaaaaally nice. ~.~ not too likely though...

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