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My compy's going into my room on Thursday. The world is good. ^.....^ I should probably clean up my room before I move it, since it's a huge mess. >.< Argh.

In other news.... no, that's about it, actually. Well, I downloaded some games last night. One's a text adventure maker, and the other two are *very* different. In one you push a guy down stairs and earn points by injuring him, and in the other you have to match up cute little pastel animal things. Both are pretty fun.

*yaaaaaawn* Blah, I'm still tired and I got about 10 hours of sleep. O.o Scary.

I think I'll go get dressed and clean my room now. ~....~ Ah, I hate cleaning. Oh well. I'll survive unless my room comes to life. Then I'll vanish, never to be heard from again. ^.^;; Yaaaay.