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Oh yeah~!

I FINALLY finished all my personality descriptions for my characters! Yay! I'm so pround of myself. ^.^;;

I updated my NaNo site with the new character info, as well as links to my main site and my LiveJournal. My main site now has links to the NaNo Site and my LiveJournal, and so my little web empire is interconnected. ^.^ I'm hoping it'll draw at least a few more people to look at my pathetic sites. ^.^;;; Well, I'm happy, and I'm off something! Yeah! Probably go to bed. I'm kinda tired. ^.^;;

I'm curled up in a little ball
Face turned inward to the wall
Arms curled round my pillow tight
In this moment I hate the night
I silently cry and feel alone
Thinking that I am loved by none
I whimper and I wish away
All the darkly dancing demons I can never slay
Emotions wild
Anger riled
Sadness running free
As I cry like a child

^.^;; I felt like posting that...and I'm in a good mood. Go figure. Any comments on it, people?

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