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Move aside, Cao Cao, for I am the new strategic genius!

Hmm... haven't updated since I moved my compy into my room. O.o weird.

Friday, I hung out with Maria-chan, which was spiffy. We went to the mall and I got FAKE (the anime!)and my own copy of FFX. ^....^

I decided I wanted to do everything there was to do, so I started playing blitzball. I was doing pretty good. Then I hit the "reset everything" choice by accident and lost my carefully picked team.

Then, I had an inspiration. My new strategy will be... bishi.

Since my team sucks anyway, I might as well have a good-looking, sucky team rather than my current okay-looking to downright ugly team. So, yesterday I went around and checked out all the free (single?) blitzball players in Spira. That took a while, but I managed to find all but one and pick out a few that I liked.

My potential team:
- Rin (Probably the coolest person you can recruit)
- Tidus (since he's too good to get rid of)
- Ropp (guy in Mi'hen travel agency. He has blue hair!)
- Kiyuri (a person on the boat from Luca to Kilika. She's cool looking)
- Biggs
- Wedge (both in Luca)
- Tatts (guy with cool tatoos at Kilika dock)
- Zalitz (at Luca theater... can't remember what he looks like)

There's way too many cool people to choose from. Argh. If I have to get rid of someone on this list, it'll probably be the girl. She's going to get tossed out over a bishi, I'll bet. ^.^;; So I'm biased. So what?

Ah, I should go get ready for Chibi-chan's birthday party. ^....^ Even though she won't read this, Happy B-day Chibi-chan! (feel the hyphen power!)

Beware the grooooove~!

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