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Ah, life is goooood.

Just got back from watching Pirates of the Carribean for the second time. ^.^ It's so beautiful. Much love for the pirates. Hee! (no, Maria-chan, that's not my fangirl squeal. I don't think you'll ever hear that again.)

My victory for today is dodging 209 lightning bolts and earning the sigil for the LAST ultimate weapon! BOOYA!

And, as if that wasn't enough, I have a good CD to burn (Thank you, Maria-chan!) and some *very* good manga to read. (Thank you again, Maria-chan!) Also, I will hopefully soon have a very nice series of pictures to write a story to. (Thank you in advance, Maria-chan!)

Oh, and I have ecchi block breaker games. *smirk* Life is gooood now.

Ya savvy?

[edit: forgot to mention that Maria-chan and I have classes and lunches together for this year! Yaaaay! Sadly, me and Jax don't really have any. *sniff* Oh well. It should be better than last year.]

[edit 2: Also have new anime to watch. (Thank you one more time, Maria-chan~!) Oh, and I got to play some Xenosaga (it's spiffy!) and.... and... I think that might be everything. For now.]

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