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koitsu no karada wo itadaku ka?

Good grief, I have so much to do. I went to the library to return two books today, and came out with two more! O.o! I didn't even read one of the two I returned. (I bought it for my self. >.<;;) Thankfully (?) one of the books I picked up is so freakin' weird I don't think I want to read it. *twitch*

Okay, to-do list time~! (Feel free not to read this, it's boring)

- Read books (this will take quite a while)
- Sew pillowcases for mom (this won't take so long if I can remember how to thread the sewing machine)
- Find book I'm looking for (no clue)
- Clean up my room (It's driving me crazy, but I'm too lazy to clean it... argh!)
- Attempt to retrive all my manga and such I've lent out (like FF9! and my SP!)
- Figure out how to find enough shelf space in my room for books (I don't think it's possible)
- Watch "Mirage of Blaze" so I can return it (maybe tonight?)
- Finish reading "Gorgeous Carat" (more reading. *dear* *god* *why*?)
- Get a b-day present for my dad (he said he wants shoes... how dull)
- Finish and put away laundry (This one's easy)
- Play more Star Ocean? (I really want to get Ashton. And Dias. I think I'll restart and play as Rena just so I can have both)
- Retrive my notebooks and give Maria-chan mini-present (soon, I hope)
- Write (So much inspiration, but nothing concrete enough...)
- Register for school (The 19th. ~.~ how depressing)

....that *might* be everything, if I'm lucky. *sigh* I feel the weight of this to do list on my shoulders. Or something dramatic like that. Yes. *looks off into the distance melo-dramatically*

Hey, Maria-chan~? Where are you? I've barely heard from you since you came back!

I hope I can get some of this stuff done. Argh.

Accomplished today: Started Laundry, finished one book (got two more. >.<), picked up room a tiny bit (but it's still irritating)

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