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Dad's leaving for Japan this Friday, and I mentioned that we needed to go school and grocery shopping before he left. ~.~ He said no new clothes for me, just boring stuff like paper and pencils (and notebooks! ^.^). Ah well. No fun shopping this year.

I want to get a new RPG for my SP before school starts too... or a really fun puzzle game. Something to kill time while I'm trapped in boredom-land. (Thankfully, not all my classes suck... in fact, most of them don't!)

Got new manga yesterday! "World's End" by Eiki Eiki (*laugh*) and this other one (I can't read the title. ~.~;;;) by Chiho Saitou (Mangaka of Utena!) Both very pretty, but I was disappointed to notice that there were no furigana by the kanji, which cuts down my comprehension level a lot.

Also, Maria-chan let me borrow the second and third dvd's of Fruits Basket. Wai wai! ^.^

I'm starting to work on my massive pile of books. I finished one, and I've started a second, so I'm doing ok. Unfortunately, I think I have another one on hold waiting for me at the library. >....< It's hopeless.

Heh heh heh... If I can't have new clothes, at least I can grab eight or nine new notebooks. Bwahahahaha~~!

...I need new icons. Hmm...

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