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You instantly awakened my imagination.....

I'm tired. I've also been running around smirking madly. Heh. ^...^

I found a harp shop yesterday when we (me, dad, Adam) went to sell a bunch of my dad's musical stuff. (You'd love the shop, Maria-chan, the walls are covered in guitars!) Anyway, harp shop. *drool* There was this huge standing one that was *only* $5,100. *cries* They had this ugly cardboard that was cheap, but... it was ugly! Why spend a bunch of money to get a musical instrument that looks stupid?

...obviously, I have a harp obsession. *sigh* They just had to be so damn expensive. Ah well. It may soon be job-hunting time. ^.^;

In the meantime, I have Fruits Baskety goodness and FFniney goodness and Gorgeous Caraty goodness and Mercedes Lackey..y goodness. ^.^ I'm set. Oh, and I have pervy song goodness. *giggle*


Aug. 28th, 2003 04:38 pm (UTC)
*Gets the backsplace of the glare* Hehehehe, stop stophehehe! it'shehetoohehe muuuch!!

harp shop, eh? Sounds spiffy.