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More quizzage. I am weak. Yes, I am weak, but I have cookies. Ha ha ha ha ha~!

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Sprinting through the candy store, swinging an oversized scalpel, cometh Rachel! And she gives a cruel howl:

"I'm going to pierce a hole in you the size of God!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

(This is doubly hilarious if I think back to our god innuendo conversations...)

<td bgcolor="#000000">Who will play you:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Jennifer Lopez </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Who will play your love interest:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Kate Beckinsale </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Weeks you will stay in the box office:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">24</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Song that will play during your love scene:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Song that will play during your death:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Prince - 1999 </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Your name:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr>
Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

(I'm torn between laughing and gagging.....)

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:cranberrynomiko
Your haiku:keeki ga nai rage
just fyi for the second time
where has the time gone
Created by Grahame

(Why yes, I am having *way* too much fun with this generator. Bwahahaha~!)

heh heh heh... I have a new wall of Illuminati style Malice Mizer. Skankage on the desktop, woo hoo!

[edit: My day is complete. I found out that Koyasu Takehito has a visual kei alter ego, which makes me happy, and I also found two Koyasu Mp3's from WeiB. One of 'em is kinda blah, the other I really like. "Blue Mask." It's a slightly angsty sounding song (the lyrics *are* angsty) but a peaceful angsty. I've dubbed it my "Angsty Koyasu Lullaby." ^....^]

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