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I'm in love~!

Fruits Basket is spiiiiiiiiiffy~~~! It goes from almost sickeningly cute to romantic to *ANGSTY* and back again. It changes emotions faster than your average PMS-ing teen! *cough* Maybe that's not a good analogy...

In any case, it's great. I really love Shigure (the dog) and Hatsuharu! Haru's my sign too. ^...^ (He's a cooooooow! *snicker*) Yuki in a dress was hilarious... Kyo is Seki Tomokazu! (Where's Koyasu~? *sniff*)

I'm trying to figure out how Tohru isn't annoying. By all rights, she should be. She's overly genki and naive, and too nice. >.> I don't know. But she's kinda like Jax. She's so nice ya just can't hate her. *shrug*

Momoji is sickeningly cute. O.o I swear, if he didn't run around saying "boku" all the time, I would have assumed he was a girl.

Akito is scary. Rage, Akito, Rage! Smash people in the face with chairs! o.O

Ha'ri's (he's a... seahorse??) angsty past nearly made me cry. ~.~ so sad. *So* sad!

Ok. Enough rantage for now.

I have cookies! ^....^

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