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Three days. THREE DAYS!?

Why do I keep updating so much? Maybe 'cause no one else is! *hintity hint hint~*

Finished all of the second and third dvds of Fruits Basket. I adore Ayame. His *hair* and his *eyes* and his total over-the-top *gayness*! *giggle* I'm having a fangirl day.

Unfortunately, the manga I borrowed from Jax killed my warm fuzzy FruBa feelings. >.< Mars. It *was* a romance story, now it's brought in excessive violence, murder, and generally turned dark. But not dark in an interesting way. Dark in a way that made me shudder and set the manga aside unread. Icky... ^.^;; I live for happy shoujo manga, obviously.

School's in three days. I'm looking forward to being able to write and finish projects again. I didn't get a damn thing done *all* summer! Gaaaaah... And besides, school starting just means winter break's that much closer. *kya~*

Ok, who wants to have a last-chance gaming party sometime in the next two days!? I'm offering up my chocolate mint mousse and my ps2 as bribes. One is to eat, the other isn't. Take a guess. So.... who's with me!? *snicker* Arr, avast!

One moment of venting: *glares at the harrassment team* Ok, I'm better now.