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"I long for you to hold me like your boyfriend does..."

School starts tomorrow. Wow.

Finally, I'll have something to do again. Motivation, too. ^.^ Why yes, I *am* a sick, sick person!

*CERTAIN PEOPLE* have yet to retrieve their memory card. Feh.

I've already decided what to put on my creative writing binder for this year: JRock bishi! ^....^ Just so I can laugh my head off when some unsuspecting guy says, "Damn. She's hot," and I reply with, "You mean HE." Eheheheh. ^.....^ Mind~rape~ la la la~ *cough*

Finished all of Excel Saga today (Danke danke, koi~!) except the very last episode. I'm afraid. O.o

Well... better get ready for tomorrow. ^.^ *dansu dansu*

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