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Today was bad, then good, and now has turned to irritating.

Morning was good until nobody showed up at my house and nobody told me what was going on. Uh... guys? Answers?

School was (mostly) good. We got to sit in a room with AC and debate in psychology. Debating is so much fun. ^.^

The irritation now is something (hopefully) someone can help me with. For some strange reason, I can't copy one file from the RO setup zip Maria-chan gave me on a cd. "Data1.cab" I think. Anyone know why? Can someone send me just that file? Help?

I'm going to just have a trial account for the weekend. Yes, just for the weekend. No more.

...does someone have a credit card I can use in case I change my mind? (Which is all too likely, of course.)


Sep. 6th, 2003 11:55 am (UTC)
What maria is trying to say, is that its trying to get at the file through a wall (Winzip) Extract the file out from winzip (Take it out of the walled room and onto your computer) and then try installing again.