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Well, dad's home, safe and sound. He said he was "this close" (very small space with his fingers) to *staying* in Japan. ~.~ It looks like he may be leaving for good around the end of the year. (Probably after) I'm kinda depressed, but I think things will work out somehow.

At least Mom and Brian-dad are going to show up for my graduation!

RO is most likely *not* going to work on my compy without a new graphic card/lots of windows updates (since I've ignored most of 'em). Ah well.

Got a check from a project mom did for a friend, so I get to go clothes shopping soon! Wai wai! (No, Maria-chan, I'm not going to get shoes. Sorry)

Adam-koi came over today. ^....^ We played RETRO-GAMAGE! KIRBY! Mwahahaha~! Almost beat the game too. Just didn't have time to get through the final bosses. We went out for a walk in the downpour too. That was fun! People gave us funny looks. ^....^

Uh... what else... that's about it. No new Gacktage for me. *cries* Gotta go take a shower and head to bed! I can sleep in tomorrow! YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSS~~~! (Ok, 7am isn't really sleeping in, but it's better than 6am!)

G'night, peoples!

Darn it, still haven't made new icons. I think I've found another goal for the week (or something).

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