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I need a big book of witty subject lines...

Things are pretty good in my corner of the world. ^.^

Skipped assembly on Friday (It was the *last* twenty minutes of school. They expected people to actually show up?)

Friday evening, went to see "Once upon a time in Mexico" with Maria-chan. Blech. I realize this will make me sound like a wuss, but HE GOT HIS EYES GOUGED OUT! >.< *twitches* Also, I didn't know what was going on part of the time. (Haven't seen the previous two movies in the series... ^.^;;) Anyway, the music-y parts were very good, and most of the fighting. I like PotC about a hundred times better though.

Went to Jax's birthday party on Saturday. Man, that was fun. Yakitori~! <3 I don't ever want to see Nick in makeup again though. Or Justin with balloons up his shirt. >....<

Saturday night, hung out with Adam. Pleasant as usual. ^.~

Today wasn't so bad. Woke up early to go to breakfast with family, and found out they weren't going. Slammed the kitchen door shut with something along the lines of, "Fuck. I'm going back to bed." Dad offered to take me out to breakfast, which was nice. ^.^ So, I didn't go back to bed.

After that, went home, popped Zelda in my NES and found out it deleted my save data. >....< *cries* Sat down and started a new game. I almost have to to where my old game was, so all's well. I reduced my irritation by playing non-Zelda music so I didn't have to listen to the same two songs forever. ^.^

Getting very tired, so I'm heading to bed. See you all tomorrow? Maria-chan... you'll be a zombie in the morning. Adam, you'll probably be asleep in the morning. (Unless you're coming over?) Shel-chan will probably be asleep and.... never mind. ^.~

Oh. Finally made myself new LJ icons and did a new layout. Bwa. It's all Yaoized now. ...I'm making up words. I'll go to bed now.

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