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Not a bad day, really.

School was kind of dull, as it usually is.

Japanese is getting *really* boring, sensei either expects too much of us, or takes five classes to review the same three vocabulary words. ^.^;;

Theatre Tech is ok, but we're doing more stuff with our set design, which is awful for me, because I *don't* draw. At all. So it's hard.

Creative writing is full of annoying people that made us change the DDR music to some awful rap stuff. Ick.

History was *extra* boring, just people giving speeches. On a happy note, I wrote a two page note back and forth with Maria-chan, and she's going to help me update my NaNo site during November, and draw my characters as well! I love you, Maria-chan! You're ultra-spiffy!!!!

I went down to the bowling alley to hang out with some friends, which was ok, but I had to walk home. It was COLD!! On the other hand, I got to scowl and stride my way through darkened streets in a trenchcoat. ^.^ Being intimidating is fun. I had to call one of my friends right when I got home because she was worried about me. ^.^;; And she sees me as her "mother figure." Sheesh. The same friend has better post some comments and FILL OUT A CERTAIN FEEDBACK SHEET!!! *glare*

Yep, it's been a good day and I'm gonna go play more Chrono Cross. ^.^ Tanoshii~~!

Does anyone know where I can find a decent Mp3 ripper, since my CD player has chosen to be evil and static-full?

On a really happy note (for me anyway) I saw a guy who looks like a teenage version of Legolas walking around at my school after school was out. I don't think he goes there, but he lives in the neighborhood, which is good! Bishi are very, very good!

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