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Stuff (for lack of a creative title)

Man, I had the weirdest dream last night. It was kind of like Kingdom Hearts, it was Disney-themed, but there was some weird guy chasing me and some evil things and Chocobos! ^.^ There was a little tiny chibi one (man, that's redundant) and it was so cuuuute! ^.^;; Yeah, I have weird dreams...

I watched two eps of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou last night, and it was so great! It's just cute, hilarious, and mushy romantic all in one! Arigatou to Cran-Apple-chan for the dvd. ^.^

And above all else, IT'S FRIDAY! *happy dancing* ^.^ I have so much to do this weekend, high on my list is playing FF10!! Seymour (is that how you spell his name?) is so cool! Every word out of his mouth sounds evil, which is kind of funny. No one in the game seems to notice it... Oh, for the record, Auron is the greatest! Kakkoi na! ^.^