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mutter mutter....

Argh. I have now lost my voice. >.< I hate losing my voice. It makes me feel so... insubstantial. And, as my dad pointed out, makes people around you act stupid... like they'll start whispering just because you are. Nyarr... The other sucky thing is how sore my throat is. ^.^ I'll just have a nice, healthy diet of cough drops. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

I was thinking it could be interesting to create a character who can only whisper. Not because she's sick all the time, of course (too mundane!) but something along the lines of she's been cursed. That brings up all kinds of questions... by who? Why? Is it permanent? Is she irritated by it? How do other people react to it?

I think I'm having a creative day. ^.^