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The more the world depresses me, the more organized religion looks like a good thing. >.> I'm not sure why.

I'm really sick of people and intolerance though. "I will not tolerate intolerance" is kind of my motto. ("Marriage Protection Week" sounds an awful lot like "Thinly Veiled Anti-Homosexual Week" to me...)

On a slightly more cheerful note, I got my thoughts on slacking vs being productive (specifically, video games vs writing) phrased in a coherent and fairly brief paragraph:

"The one reason I find writing more satisfying than playing video games: in writing, you create a world of your own and make the rules; in gaming you enter someone else's world and play by their rules. The reason I game more than write is because writing actually requires thought."

Yep, that sums it up pretty nicely.

Hmm... what else... We're studying Islam in class and it's very interesting. If people followed it the way they're supposed to, the world would be a very peaceful place. (Providing everyone was Islamic, of course)

But no.

There are hypocrites in that religion just as much as every other. (such as the Christian who drove his car into a mosque and nearly killed someone after 9/11) Whatever deity/deities are watching over this planet, they must be very disappointed in us. Every religion has some code of honor to follow, and yet, how many people follow it?

Maybe I'm just getting irritated by this more than usual because I'm not 100% well yet. *coughs endlessly* If only me getting better would make the problems go away. Ha ha. Ha.

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