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Playing with random generators for english project...

The theme of this story: romantic romance. (Had to put this one in for redundant redundancy)
X The main character: unethical wanderer.
X The major event of the story: quest.
X The story must involve a sigil in it.
X A character lends someone money.
X A character becomes antisocial during the story.
X The story ends in a castle.
X The story starts in a house.
X The story takes place during a birthday.

So, my unethical wanderer, Zou-neng (yes, that is pronounced "zoning"), sets out on a quest to retrieve the sacred sigil of the Empire of the Sacred Sigil. It begins with our *cough* hero being dragged out of bed by a page who charges him with this Sacred and Holy Quest (tm). The sigil must be retrieved before the end of the birthday celebrations of the evil overlord, Thigil. (For comedic value, overlord Thigil has a lisp. *snicker*) After charging Zou-neng with this quest, the page asks to borrow some money because the overlord wanted him to pick up groceries while he was out.

Zou-neng sets out on his Sacred and Holy Quest (tm), and picks up clues to the whereabouts of the sigil. Along the way, he gets fed up with the hundreds of identical villagers who repeat themselves endlessly, which leads to him becoming antisocial. In the end, the sigil is found under the overlord's bed. It had fallen off of the overlord's finger while he was sleeping and so he decided that evil ninja from the neighboring Empire of the Twinkling Sigils had stolen it. The overlord also refuses to pay Zou-neng for the money his page borrowed, and so Zou-neng steals the sigil himself and sells it to the rival empire, becoming rich and living happily ever after in a lavish cave far, far from other people.

So, what does everyone think? (Yes, I am actually going to write this. Heh heh heh.)

For more amusement, here's the (randomly generated) description of my character:
-- This man makes you think of a looming thundercloud. He has round black eyes. His luxurious, straight, night-black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a peacock's tail. He is tall and has a thin build. His skin is ruddy. His wardrobe is impractacal and strange, with a lot of green.

And the (very stupid) overlord:
-- This determined gentleman has droopy indigo eyes. His luxurious, wavy, soot-black hair is medium-length and is worn in a dignified style. He is tall and has a plump build. His skin is white. He has a domed forehead and a large nose. His wardrobe is mysterious.

Ah, this is going to be fun to write. ^.^

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