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O.o Life? Livejournal? What?

Yeah, so I just realized that I haven't posted in here in about half a month. More than a month if you can't read my locked posts. All I've posted is story. O.o I had a life once.

I've given up on keeping up with my posting of my story. I may go back and delete the bits I already posted at some point.

In any case, this is how it stands now: I have 38,000-some words, and I need 50,000+ by midnight on the 23rd. I have several bets riding on this. ^....^

And so, I shall write. And possibly not sleep. ^.^ Yay!

Once I am done, I will rejoice, buy FFX-2, and play it until my brain explodes/it's a school day. Man, that sounds great right now. I can have a social life again too. Wow.

Now, to work!

(Just a note: I managed to use the phrase "Kinki isn't just a district in Japan" in my novel. Yes, I made that phrase up by myself. Yes, I am a fairly sick person. ^.^ hee.)

(Just another note: It snowed today! SQUEE~! *goes fangirly on the snow* Then it melted partially and made the sidewalks all slippery. Not so squee. Oh well.)

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