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Get it?

I still have not managed to validate my novel. Argh.

On a happy note, I got two RPGs today. One is TWO DAYS old and other is countless years old. FFX-2 and Dragon Warrior! (My latest and first rpg's, respectively) I'm happy.

Also, I now have a paid account. Thank you, mom and Brian-dad! Do you guys want an LJ code?

I was trying to think of some way to explain how much this novel meant to me... the best thing I could come up with follows:

For the past three weeks I have lived, breathed, ate, drank, slept with, thought about, cared about and survived for these words. It matters that much. Get it?

Anyway, today was pretty happy. FFX-2 is, so far, quite a bit of fun. It's kind of silly, and girl, and a lot more lighthearted than other FF games, but it's a nice change. You can JUMP! You have enemies that Maria-chan dubbed "Team Rocket" (and it's a good comparison!) you have missions, and magical girl-esque transformation scenes, and it's spiffy.

As far as Dragon Warrior goes, you have SLIMES, bad graphics, bad dialogue, the most basic of basic systems and nostalgia up the wazoo. ^.^ It's spiffy too.

As disturbing as this must sound to everyone, I want to write. o.o I think it's become habit now. >.> maybe I'll just write spin offs from my novel or something. Or sleep. Yeah, that could be good.

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