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Damn it all, I'm sick again

Bleaaaarghness! I am either recovering from being sick (and I failed to notice because of my intense motivation) or I am *getting* sick which would "suck rubber ducky eggs" as my mom says. ^.^

I played FFX-2 aaaaaaall day. Man, it's fun. Cheesy and girly in spots, but I'm happy with that. And the battles take all of 30 seconds, tops. ^.^ booya!

On a more important note (and to Jax's joy) I am going to pick up my novel from last year's NaNo and edit it. Yes, yes, I'm crazy. Get over it.

Now the biggie:
1)Does anyone who has read it remember questions/comments/criticism they had?
2)Does anyone who hasn't read it want to and give me some heavy criticism to get started on the editing?

For the #2 people... I would *really* appriciate it. Who knows, you might like some of it, especially if you like yaoi/slash/gay guys. ^.^;;; It's a 100% fantasy novel that is mostly romance, with some plot sprinkled liberally over the top. I'll give you more details if you're interested. (Or just send the thing to you. ^.^ )

Thank you, everyone!

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