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I have way too much to do, but ya know what? I think I can handle it. ^.^ When I really want to do things, they happen. Heh heh. Mom suggested I try doing all my homework to make the time pass faster before I leave. *shrugs* It's as good as anything else, I guess.

I *finally* got a book at the library (I've been literally waiting for months) and it was worth the wait. It's about writing "SpecFic" as they call it (aka Sci-fi/Fantasy), and it focuses more on the publishing aspect. Just what I needed for my SSE project which is seriously in need of some revision. (The idea behind the project as well as the novel.)

My random thought of the [insert time period here]:

Everyone has their own place and time where they are the perfect thing for the job at hand. Imagine this: your car broke is out of gas a few blocks from your local gas station. Would you rather have:
A) A nation's leader walk by, who probably won't even notice you exist
B) A famous author walk by, who might add you to a story, but might not be able to actually help you
C) A nice gas station attendent who is willing to walk to where you are and bring you some gas?

Sometimes, it's better *not* to be someone rich or famous. You might just make someone's day.

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