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Home again home again....

Well, made it home in one piece, which makes me quite cheerful. Not so cheerful is the loss of seeing my boyfriend, and the set of parents I really like best every day. I got to meet my dad's girlfriend. She was nice, and she said I was really polite, which is high praise from a Japanese women to an American teen. ^.^

I have Christmas presents to wrap and deliver (and some that I won't bother wrapping). I guess they're New Year's presents at this point. Oh well.

The night before I left Scotland, I got to stop in Borders (Huuuuge bookstore + Starbucks) and I picked up four books and the first two English volumes of Gravitation. It's a lot more interesting now that I can read and understand what's going on. I need to get FAKE v3. ^....^

Well, enough rambling. I need to bundle up and head out into the SNOW~! <3 I feel like some bizarre (blue-wearing, female)Santa, trudging through the snow bearing gifts.

Happy New Years to everybody. Party party~! *dances*

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