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Long time no update

Ok, this rant got out of hand. And it's most just me rambling about my life. So it's in this nice little lj-cut now. ^.^

...not that I have much to say. I have a lot of work to do. I think I'm going to drop my Creative Writing class. It's been good, then okay, then not so great and I'm kind of getting tired. My original reasons for being there... getting goood feedback from other writers, having a good group I was comfortable with to read my work to, and having fun doing what I love... I'm not getting any of that anymore. I don't read in class, I was *failing* because I didn't do my work for a while. The class has moved from family-like to huge and obnoxious, full of people I dislike. I have fun writing on my own time. I think I'll continue to go to Writer's Club, but ditch Creative Writing. My heart's just not in it anymore.

...and now that I've justified paring my schedule down even further...

I actually starting to enjoy my senior project. I thought it was going to be tedious, and the class is, but the project itself is now a cause for happiness. I've got a very talented, NICE, teacher and writer who is helping me edit my monstrosity, and she's all I could have asked for. Good critical feedback in a way that helped me understand not just what, but *why* something would be more effective if written differently. (I think)She's not easily offended, which will be good when she starts hitting the gay and very bizarre things I have later in my novel. And she's fun to talk to. Whee!

I am never going to a school dance again. Half an hour of deafening music I can barely stand watching people flail gracelessly is so far from my idea of fun it doesn't even register on the fun-o-meter. Bleh, I can't stand most people my age. Icky~! ^.~

I got to watch Gackt and Hyde (Hide?)'s movie, Moon Child, today. I really liked it. Except for some really stupid parts. (Matrix head Hyde was scary. And so was Gackt's pimp!coat) I really wanted to know what they were saying. Reeaaallly!

Now, to yell at people: Maria-chan, DRAW COMICS! Jax (never mind that she won't read this!) stop moping, pleaaaaase! Adam, give me a call or something, damn it! I know you can use the phone. Talented people, create! Work, work, produce interesting things! Ok, enough pushiness...

I am madly in love with my digi-cam, and have taken pictures of just about everything. Now that I've got it figured out, I need to fast-forward time to Spring so I can have zillions of beautiful photo-ops. And so it'll stop being so damn cold! Man, I am sick of cold weather.

Ok, nearly endless LJ-rant over! I think I'll just stick this in an lj-cut to spare people who have friended me... And I think I'm gonna figure out how to make a poll! Everyone loves polls!

And now, a poll! Gotta use my paid-account privileges, ya know...

Poll #234883 Hello out there

Is anyone actually reading this?

This is the first time
No, but I want my voice to be heard!

So, why are you reading this?

Who are you, and how do I know you?


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