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Awaken, oh foul beast... (+scary chick)

I'm awake, and that's about it. My first coherent thoughts this morning were: 'Smint! Need Smint!' because that nasty stuff they put on my teeth yesterday at the dentist's had chipped off and made my mouth taste like... something really, really bad. Blech.

After that, I went and played more FFX. ^.^; I went to fight Lady Yunalesca, and she is *SCARY*! First she's just a nearly naked dead chick, then she jumps up and she's part of a giant wormy thing. Ew. Then she jumps back and she's a HUGE HEAD with bright red demonic eyes. I was nearly dead at that point since each form has 40,000+ HP. *shudder* I restarted and levelled up. Now, Lady Yunalesca and all her scary wormy, demonic face evilness is going down.

It's so great, not having a life. ^.^

NaNoWriMo CoDo (Count down): Four days. Kami-sama...


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Oct. 27th, 2002 04:55 pm (UTC)
I agree that Yunalesca is one scary freak. I would hate to be named after her (poor poor Yunie). Why are dentists so evil? I know that they are trying to rid the evil in your mouth but why do they make each visit so horrible? Another one of life's mysteries I suppose...
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