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SSE Timeline

Ok, I am dying to present at the end of February and get out of my SSE class. The problem is that I'm not sure I can get everything done.

I need to edit my novel; it's 19 chapters plus an epilogue, all of about the same length. I need to write an abstract, and have my CC fill out two evaluation forms. And get my presentation together. (eep.)

I have exactly 30 days until the presentation date.

Assuming the abstract won't take me much time, I'd have to edit each chapter in less than two days. In one and a half days, to be exact.

And try to find a job at the same time. If I find one, work at the same time. >.< So much stress.

...but I think it's worth it, if I can pull it off. Wish me luck, guys, I'm gonna need it big time.

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