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Happy happy wai wai!

Kate finally got back to me with comments on my first chapter... I thought my head was gonna explode! So many comments, so many beautiful shiny helpful constructivly critical comments! (Alliteration!) OH HAPPY DAY~!

My only regret is this: why did I not find this woman sooner? O.o! Dude!

I'm going to have to ask her to stay on after I finish the school-y bit of the project... I'd like to see it all edited by me and then her, so it'll be as spiffy as it's gonna get. I could publish~! Then I can get a crappy part time job to fuel my writer!angst and be a true starving artist! Whee~! (Yes, I have unusual career goals.)

It feels like Friday and it's only Monday~! Wai wai wai wai wai! I'm going to try to calm down now. Finish my challenge and then go watch FAKE!

Oh, in case anybody wants to read my writing challenges they are at writing_days. Enjoy~! They're also on my DeviantArt account: here.

Gotta go off and bounce some more.

Maria-chan! Evanescense r0xx0rs! Hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita de pon!

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