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At school + editing = evil

Hmm... School is no fun. I need to leave a little tiny bit early so I can go grab some lunch at Starbucks. It needs to be closer, dang it! Yeah, so I'm a bad kid who's going to lunch early. >.> shh.

I'm not doing so good on the editing front either. I've found that the quality of writing just goes downhill with each chapter I pick up. I'm dreading the last section that I wrote in one loooong day. I've got so much to work on there. The battle sporks have to go.

Anyway, my goal for the day is to finish chapter four and start chapter five. (I'd like to finish both but I need to be realistic.) If I can catch up on my editing schedule for this week, I'm going to start the 25-day challenge again. ^.^ so much fun.

So, back to editing. I have about two pages left for this chapter, but there's a big dramatic scene (which I am awful at writing) and then another, slightly less dramatic scene (Torin's an elf, oh my!).

I've been working with Tyler on some of his pictures, and it's really fun. He actually listens and takes my suggestions, w00t! It's cool to be part of the 'art-creation' process... since I draw in stick figures. >.<

I think I'm just gonna skip lunch... I don't need food. *poses* Yes, I'll be strong! Gah... Japanese. What will the sensei have to chew me out about today?

To sum up everything I said in a tanka:

School sucks, I'm hungry
I think I'll have lunch early
Endless editing
This novel's getting me down
Art is fun, sensei is mean.

...why don't I just write all my entries in tanka? It'd save so much time and space. *shrug*

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