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mu mu mu~~~

*yawn* Sleeepy. Finished chapter five, am almost a page into chapter six (out of three and a half). It's going as smoothly as it can, I guess. I'm a week and five chapters behind though. >.<

Thankfully Maria-chan and I have devised a scheme to keep us both on task. ^.^ Hopefully this'll help. Now, I just need to think up a pretty design with the word 'novel' in it somewhere, and let Maria-chan draw it onto my arm with permanent pen. >.> if nothing else, I'll be guilt-tripped into working. Whee.

Do you want me to send you a section of the chapter where my characters are introduced or just write out descriptions for you? Do I get to choose a pose? Can it be eeeeecchi~? Also, anything special you'd like in your story? (setting, plot, ecchi/not, random bits of philosophy, etc.) Tell me, de pon!

On a less novely note, I got FF Chronicles today! Ooooh yeah! Chrono Trigger and FF4 remade! With shiny anime and CG cutscenes, respectively. And lots of extras. Gotta beat CT a million times again. Magus, kya~n! *fangirls* He looks kinda ugly in the anime though... actually, everyone does. >.< DBZ-style art, bleh.

Okay, just a few more words and I'll go to bed, really. I'm not going to game. So not. ...maybe a little. >.>