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Dental work

Got a tooth pulled today -- my first ever, oh boy! Hurts like fuck and I am now far too acquainted with the taste of my own blood. Also, the guy who pulled it did not clean the splatters of blood off my face when he was done. I got down several floors to the lobby, then decided to rinse my mouth. In the bathroom mirror, I discovered I looked like a crime scene. No wonder people were giving me funny looks.


Apple cake with caramel-cinnamon topping

This one was a big hit with everybody who had it, so I figured I'd post the recipe. I even had a friend's grandmother ask me for it! (Little did I know anyone would want the results of my kitchen improv/mad science.)

Apple CakeCollapse )


So I was perusing my local thrift shop the other day, looking for bakeware, and found a lovely stand mixer. "Hmm," I thought, "I probably have nowhere to put this lovely stand mixer. Alas, it will have to go to a better (and larger) home than mine."

Then I told my mom and, at a dinner, Russell's aunt. Both told me I was absolutely nuts to have passed it up; Russell's aunt insisted I buy it and even gave me the money for it. (It was $18, for the record.) I said I would go look, but doubted it was still there.

It was. It works! The bowl, however, was worn down and wouldn't lock in place, making it a spinning death trap rather than handy kitchen gadget. Today, I won a metal bowl for it in an auction, and thus should have a fully working mixer in a week or two! Woo hoo!

Isn't it lovely? I also got a great heart-shaped bundt pan at the same time!

Dear People of Earth...

Having finished construction on my evil fortress, I am now accepting applications for the positions of minion and/or consort. Please choose your wording with care, as unsuccessful applications will be met with abrupt drops into my alligator pit or, if the alligators are suffering from indigestion, a quick shot from my death ray.

Pictures of evil fortress (of doom)Collapse )

I eagerly await your offers of total, unquestioning servitude.


Dread Queen Rachel


NaNoWriMo '09: Epilogue 1

Epilogue 1Collapse )

...I can't believe I sent this to my grandmother.


NaNoWriMo '09: Chapter 19

Chapter 19Collapse )

This one's way too short.


NaNoWriMo '09: Chapter 18

Chapter 18Collapse )

Should I have have an army of trained animators at my disposal, I'm going to produce Doctor Prime the tv show. Shut up.


NaNoWriMo '09: Chapter 17

Chapter 17Collapse )

So I may have lied. There seem to be 19 chapters and two epilogues. The last few days are a blur.


NaNoWriMo '09: Chapter 15

Chapter 15Collapse )

And now back to my regularly scheduled taking over your friends lists! Mwahaha!